Rose Marie Gallant
Daughter of John C. Gallant & Lena Shreenan

Rosemarie Gallant
Rose Marie Gallant - 1957




Rose Marie Gallant was born in Kinkora, P.E.I. on January 7, 1938. She was the tenth of ten children born to John C. and Lena (Shreenan) Gallant.

Her grandparents were Frank and Fanny (McIver) Gallant.

Rosemarie married Kenneth Gallant from Foxley River, PEI, in Kinkora on August 12, 1959. They had three children.



Rose Marie Gallant's 1st Communion
Circa mid 1940s.

Rosemarie Gallant - 1st Communion

Rosemarie Gallant with niece
Rose Marie with her niece, Linda Keefe in 1954.

Rosemarie Gallant with niece
Rose Marie with her niece,
Anne MacKenzie in 1957.


Rosemarie Gallant

Rose Marie poses in front of the Gallant
home in Kinkora, PEI in the mid-1950s.

Rosemarie Gallant's wedding day
John C. Gallant helps his daughter, Rose Marie
out of a car on her wedding day
August 12, 1959 in Kinkora, PEI.

Ken and Rosemarie's Wedding day


At right, Ken and Rose Marie Gallant
are pictured on their wedding day.



Joseph Gallant
Ken and Rose Marie's 1st son, Joseph.
Circa 1965.

Bobby Gallant
Ken and Rose Marie's 2nd son, Bobby.
Circa 1965.

Wayne Gallant
Ken and Rose Marie's 3rd son, Wayne.
Circa 1967.

Ken Gallant and boys
Ken Gallant pictured above with his three sons,
Bobby, Wayne and Joseph. Circa 1967.

At left Bobby and Joseph Gallant on a pony.
Circa 1960s

Bobby and Joseph Gallant
John C. and Lena Gallant's ten children gathered in 1986
John C. and Lena Gallant's children in Aurora, Ontario on May 24, 1986.
L-R: Alban, Edna, Cyril, Mary, Lloyd, Florence, Raymond, Rose Marie, St. Clair and Eileen

Eileen MacKenzie, Rose Marie Gallant, Al Gallant and Mary Keefe
Rose Marie with her two sisters, Eileen and Mary and brother, Al - April, 2007
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