Napoléon Gallant
Son of Sylvain Haché-Gallant & Marie Gaudet

Napoleon and Catherine (Clark) Gallant with some of their family

Napoleon Gallant and Catherine Clark with some of their family in Tignish, Prince Edward Island. Circa 1900.
L-R standing in back row : Clara, George and James (Jim).
L-R seated in front row: John, William, Napoleon and Catherine.


Napoleon Gallant

Napoléon Gallant was born in Tignish, PEI on July 15, 1838 to Sylvain Haché-Gallant and Marie Gaudet. He married Catherine Clark, who was born in 1842, in St. Simon and St. Jude Roman Catholic Church, Tignish, Prince Edward Island, Canada on November 10, 1863. Father D. Jerome McIssac officiated.

When Catherine and Napoléon were first married, they lived with Napoléon's parents, Sylvain Haché-Gallant and Marie Gaudet Gallant on Lot One, Nail Pond, Tignish, P. E. I. This home was built by Sylvain and his grandfather Prospère Gallant. It was later willed to Napoléon's son, James. Both Napoléon and Catherine died there.

Napoléon was a farmer and a Stage Coach Clerk for the Post Office. He also worked for J. C. Pope who owned a fishing company. Catherine Clark was the daughter of John and Mary Shreenan Clark (each lot on P. E. I. encompassed thousands of Acres, so many families were living on the same lot or district). Napoléon and Catherine had eleven children born in Tignish, P. E. I.

Napoléon died in Tignish, PEI on February 20, 1926. Catherine died in 1933.

Napoleon Gallant, son of Sylvain Haché-Gallant
Nail Pond, PEI - Circa 1920.


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Napoleon Gallant and Family in Nail Pond, PEI.


Napoleon Gallant and family in front of their home in Nail Pond, PEI. Circa 1900. Napoleon had a post office in a large room off the kitchen. This house was built by Prospère Gallant with the help of his son, Sylvain. L-R: William, unknown, George, Napoleon, Jim, unknown, Catherine and unknown
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