Lloyd Joseph Gallant
Son of John C. Gallant & Lena Shreenan

Lloyd Gallant
Lloyd Gallant
Circa 2000



Lloyd Joseph Gallant was born in Kinkora, P.E.I. on March 15, 1936. He was the ninth of ten children born to John C. and Lena (Shreenan) Gallant.

His grandparents were Frank and Fanny (McIver) Gallant.

Lloyd married Janet Kelly in 1958 in Kinkora, PEI. They had five children.


Lloyd (right) with his brother, Cyril getting
ready to shovel some snow.
Circa 1940.

Cyril and Lloyd Gallant

Lloyd Gallant working on the farm

Lloyd working on his father's farm.
Circa mid 1950s

Lloyd Gallant with his cousin, Ted Shreenan
and sister, Rose Marie.
Circa mid 1950s
Lloyd Gallant, Ted Shreenan and Rosemarie Gallant

Lloyd and Janet Gallant's Wedding - 1958

Lloyd and Janet cutting the cake on their wedding day

Lloyd Gallant and his new bride, Janet Kelly
cutting the Wedding cake - 1958


Lloyd and Janet Gallant posing for their
official Wedding portrait in 1958

Lloyd with his daughter, niece and nephew

Lloyd with his daughter Debbie, niece Linda Keefe & nephew James Keefe in Earl Keefe's front yard. Circa 1959.

Debbie and David Gallant pose in front of the Christmas tree with their stockings in 1963.
Debbie and David Gallant - Christmas

David Gallant
Dianne Gallant
Cathy Gallant
David Gallant
Dianne Gallant
Cathy Gallant

Lloyd and Janet with daughter, Debbie

Lloyd and Janet Gallant with their
daughter, Debbie Desroche.
Circa early 1990s.

Lloyd with his grandson
Lloyd showing his grandson, Glen Desroche how to drive a lawnmower tractor.
Circa 1990.

Dianne's Wedding - 1986
Lloyd and Janet Gallant in Aurora, Ontario on May 24, 1986 at Dianne's Wedding.
L-R: Donna, Lloyd, Dianne, Gord Lee, Janet and David.
(Cathy and Debbie are missing from this photo)

John C. and Lena Gallant's ten children gathered in 1986
John C. and Lena Gallant's children in Aurora, Ontario on May 24, 1986.
L-R: Alban, Edna, Cyril, Mary, Lloyd, Florence, Raymond, Rose Marie, St. Clair and Eileen

Donnie and Debbie Desroche with daughter

Donnie and Debbie Desroche with
their daughter, Crystal.
Circa 2000s.

Donna's Wedding 1996
Lloyd and Janet Gallant at their daughter, Donna's wedding in Kinkora, PEI on June 8, 1996.
L-R: Cathy, Lloyd, Janet, Donna, Harleigh MacLeod, Dianne and Debbie.
(David is missing from this photo)

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