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Prince Edward Island

Charlottetown Harbour, Prince Edward Island
Entrance to Charlottetown Harbour, PEI

Prince Edward Island is Heaven to Me

They talk about Texas, Kentucky and Maine,
They talk about London, Paris and Spain,
But there’s a little Island I long there to be,
Prince Edward Island is heaven to me.

by Harold J. Breau

Prince Edward Island. A heavenly place indeed if your own idea of heaven is to spend time relaxing and luxuriating on vast stretches of beautiful sandy beaches. Or perhaps heaven to you is simply enjoying "fresh from the sea" lobster as well as many other delicious seafood delicacies. Speaking of heaven...can earthly soil really be as "red" as it is on PEI? Maybe it really is a little piece of heaven after all. It's no wonder they wrote a song about it. It's true!

PEI is the smallest and least populated of all of Canada's ten provinces. It's historically referred to as the Cradle of Confederation for the fact that it was in the capitol city of Charlottetown, that the Fathers of Confederation gave formal birth to our fair nation of Canada in 1867. We're famous the world over for our lobster, potatoes, our friendly and accommodating natives and of course our very own Anne Of Green Gables!
Linda Keefe-Trainor with PEI Lobsters
PEI Lobsters

French River, Prince Edward Island
Beach near French River, PEI


Many Islanders have traditionally thought of themselves and their place in Canada as being special or somehow set apart from the rest of Canada. It used to be at one time that you could only travel to the Island by air or by ferryboat across the cold & choppy Northumberland Strait. These days, there's the amazing Confederation Bridge a true engineering marvel which makes the nine mile crossing very quick and easy.

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