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Hello, my name is Linda Keefe-Trainor. I was born and raised on Canada's east coast in beautiful Prince Edward Island. Canada's smallest province.

In 2005, I created a very special Keefe family website dedicated to my late father, Earl Keefe. It was a real labor of love and such a joy putting it all together that I decided it might be a good idea to create a dedicated website for my mother's family too. So, after much research, here it is. The Gallant family website. I'm very proud of the result of my effort here as it is my sincere hope that you will enjoy reading about my mom's background and family history and that you will continue to enjoy visiting with us here often.

I knew my Gallant grandparents very well. I have wonderful fond memories of spending time with them both when I was a young girl. I've met a few of my grandfather's siblings also but knew very little about the Gallant lineage any further back than my grandfather. So, I figured it was time to delve into that history a bit more now too for personal reasons as well as for posterity.

My mother provided me with family information back to her great grandfather, Napoleon Gallant. What a thrill it was when I heard that name. Napoleon...it sounded so majestic! I managed to trace Napoleon back to Michel Haché-Gallant and his father, Pierre Larché who came to Canada from France in the early 1600s.

It has been an incredible journey of discovery. I've learned now too that I have Acadian blood in my veins. In researching the Acadians I came to the awareness that they were a very special group of people whose determination to persevere and survive many hardships in the new world with their distinct heritage and cultural identity intact represents qualities of character and tenacity that ought to be lauded and admired.

Again I sincerely hope you enjoy viewing this site and I welcome any comments you might wish to share. I'd love to hear from you so please e-mail me at the link and don't forget to kindly sign our guestbook too.

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Where is our Gallant Family Crest or Coat of Arms?

Please read the following excerpt from a book by Angus Baxter, one of North America’s leading genealogists, for the explanation as to why I have chosen not to put a Gallant Coat Of Arms on our website:

"Do not be led astray by advertisements offering you a coat of arms and a family history, or believe this will be a short cut to a family tree. It is very unlikely you or your family have any right to a coat of arms. The right to one was granted by the ruler of a country and was usually give to titled families or owners of large estates who had rendered some service to the ruler. Most of us are descended from farmers or farm workers and our ancestors were too busy and hard-working to be bothered with frills of this kind; nor, indeed, were they in a position to qualify for such a grant.

All you will get for your money is a coat of arms originally granted a long time ago to someone with a similar surname to yours. The odds against that person being your ancestor are very great, and, in any case, a coat of arms only descends from eldest son to eldest son."


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Linda Keefe-Trainor



Mary (Gallant) Keefe

This website is lovingly dedicated to my mother, Mary (Gallant) Keefe



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