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Michel Haché-Gallant was born around 1660 in Acadie (St-Pierre, Cap-Breton), baptized April 24, 1668 in Trois-Rivières, Quebec, died on April 10, 1737 in Rivière-du-Nord, Île St-Jean (PEI). He was buried on June 17, 1737 in Port-Lajoie, Île Saint-Jean. He married Marie-Anne Cormier around 1690 in Beaubassin (Amherst, N.-É.). She was the daughter of Thomas Cormier and Marie-Madeleine Girouard. Marie-Anne was born around 1674 in Beaubassin (Amherst, N.-É.), died on January 10, around 1738 or 1739 in Beaubassin (Amherst, N.-É.). She resided in Beaubassin (Amherst, N.-É.).

The origin of Michel Haché or Larché is rather obscure, so we come to the conclusion from the Archives of the Palais de Justice in Quebec where it is stated, ''that Michel Haché dit Gallant is the son of Pierre Larché de la Ville de Montdidier, in the diocese of Beauvais, France." Michel's mother was listed as being an Eskimo, however, since there was never an Eskimo community in Cape Breton, Michel's mother was most likely an Montagnais native. The French call the Montagnais Indians "les petits Esquimaux" (small Esquimos). According to the baptism record, Michel was born in 1662 and baptized April 24, 1668 in Trois- Rivieres, Quebec. He was also a student in Trois- Rivieres.

Michel's father, Pierre Larché was employed by Nicolas Denys, owner of a fur and fishing business established with his brother, Simon Denys, in Cape Breton around 1650. Pierre had an accident at work and was not present at his daughters wedding. Pierre Larché had been married to Andrienne Langlois. She was not present at the wedding so we presume she had died. Pierre died in 1668 at the exact moment of his daughter Madeleine's marriage to Elie Voisin in Notre-Dame Church in Quebec, October 15, 1668. Michel was left an orphan and was intrusted to Nicolas Denys. Nicolas Denys in turn gave Michel to his daughter Marie and her husband Michael Le Neuf, to adopt and become part of their family in Trois- Rivieres, Quebec.

Pierre Denys and his son Simon Denys married to Catherine Le Neuf, and father-in-law Michael Le Neuf, attended the marriage of Madeleine Larché. It is presumed that Madeleine is the sister of young Michel Larché. The presence of Pierre Denys, a very important person in Quebec, shows a bond of relationship which existed between them.

In 1676 Michael Le Neuf took command as Governor of Beaubassin (Amherst), Nova Scotia. Young Michel was about fifteen years old and he resided with the family under the name of Michel Haché dit Gallant. From this Michel, have come all the families of Haché and Gallant in the Maritime Provinces, in Canada and United States. During this time Jacques Le Neuf de la Valliere, the father of Michael Le Neuf took young Michel to his home on the Isle of Valliere (Tong Island). Jacques took Michel under the guise of a servant on his many journeys. It is written that Michel bore a high character for integrity, active, intelligent, able to read and write. He was. very attentive to Jacques in all his journeys and land and sea. It is said that in a certain battle, he fought like a lion, something that earned him the title Galant.

Towards 1687 when Jacques Le Neuf de Valliere left his residence to go back to Quebec to live, he left his vast properties at Beaubassin, Nova Scotia to Michel Haché.

In 1684 when Michel Haché was still quite young, he was fulfilling the role of the Agent of Justice for the police. April 27, 1682, Michel's name is in the church registry as godfather for a baptism. It is enscribed as Michel Larché Gallant. In the Census of 1686 in Beaubassin, Nova Scotia, his name listed as Michel Larché, bachelor, living in the house of the Commander of Beaubassin, Michel La Neuf de la Valliere.

In 1690 Michel married Anne Cormier, the daughter of Thomas Cormier and Madeleine Girouard, at Grand Pre (Port Royal), Nova Scotia. Anne was born in 1674 and died 1738/39. They lived in Beaubassin (Amherst), Nova Scotia and had twelve children - seven boys and five girls.

In the Treaty of Utrecht in 1713, Port Royal and Acadia, Nova Scotia was given to the British. Cape Breton and the Isle of St. Jean (Prince Edward Island) were left in the hands of the French.

March 28, 1715, the inhabitants of Beaubassin were abliged to take an oath to be loyal to the British government. Michel Haché Gallant and his son Michel decided it would be better to emigrate elsewhere.

April 15, 1720, three hundred people from France established a new colony in Port La Joye, Prince Edward Island. April 10, 1721, the little church of St. John the Evangelist was built and dedicated there. Immediately after the coming of the colonists from France, Michel Haché Gallant who had for many years been the secretary and advisor to the Governor La Valliere of Beaubassin, Nova Scotia, was sent to Port LaJoye, P. E. I. to be Harbor Master and Commandant of the Militia. Shortly after, he was followed by his family. They were the first contingent of Acadians from Acadia to Prince Edward Island. Michel fell thru the ice on the North River and was drowned April 10, 1737. his burial service was held July 17, 1737 in St. John's the Evangelist church, Port LaJoye, Prince Edward Island.

Children of Michel Haché Gallant and Anne Cormier are:

Michel Haché-Gallant was born in 1691 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. Michel married Madeliene LeBlanc at Grand Pre, October 12, 1711. He died on September 11, 1765, Ste-Croix de Bordeaux.

Joseph-Jacques Haché was born in 1693 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. Joseph married Marie Gaudet at Port Royal, February 27, 1721. He died between 1743 - 1747, Prob. Port LaJoye, I'ile Saint-Jean.

Marie Haché-Gallant born in 1694 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. Marie married Francois Poirier, at Beaubassin, November 27, 1715. She died on September 16, 1749, l'ile Saint-Jean (PEI).

Jean Baptiste Haché-Gallant born in 1696 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. Jean-Baptiste married Marie Gentil who was born on February 18, 1704, February 20, 1719. Jean-Baptiste died before 1752.

Charles Haché-Gallant born about 1698 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie; Charles married Genevieve Lavergre at Port LaJoye, Prince Edward Island, on February 24, 1725. Charles died unknown, Nipisiquit, New Brunswick, Canada.

Pierre Haché-Gallant was born about 1701 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie; Pierre married Cecile Lavergre at Port LaJoye, Prince Edward Island, on February 24, 1725. Pierre died before June 03, 1760, in Port Lajoye (Charlottetown), l'ile Saint-Jean (PEI).

Anne Haché was born in 1703 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. Anne married Joseph Preticux at Port LaJoye, January 30, 1719. Anne died on August 03, 1763 in St. Enogat, France.

Marguerite Haché was born in 1705 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. Marguerite married Pierre Jacquemin at Port LaJoye in 1725. Marguerite died about December 13, 1758. Perished at Sea (en mer) aboard the British ship 'Violet'.

François Joseph Haché-Gallant was born in 1707 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. François married Ann Boudrot at Port LaJoye on June 20, 1735. François died after 1763.

Marie-Madeleine Haché was born about 1709/1710 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. Marie Madeleine died in 1758. Perished at Sea (en mer) while being deported to mainland France.

Jacques Haché-Gallant born about 1712 in Beaubassin, l'Acadie. d. Unknown. Jacques married Josephte Boudrot at Port LaJoye on June 20, 1735. Jacques died Unknown.

Louise Haché-Gallant was born in 1716 in Beaubassin (Amherst, N.S.), Nouvelle Ecosse, Canada. Louise married Louis Belliveau at Port LaJoye, Prince Edward Island. Louise died on October 20, 1779 in La Rochelle, France.


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