History of Cyprien Haché-Gallant

Cyprien Jacques Haché-Gallant
was born in 1748 in Port-de-Tracadie, l'ile Saint-Jean (PEI). He married Marie Bernard in 1770 in Grande-Ruisseau (Mont-Carmel), l'ile Saint-Jean (PEI). Marie was the daughter of Joseph Bernard and Anne-Anasthesie Arsenault. She was born 1754 in La Roche (Baie-Egmont), l'ile Saint-Jean (PEI) and died Unknown. They lived on the Island of Miscou.

In the Census of 1773, Cyprien was at Miscou when his son Cyprien was born September 10, 1775. Cyprien and Marie had twelve children; ten sons and two daughters.

In 1798 Cyprien went back to Prince Edward Island with his father, Jacques. He and his family lived on Lot 17, Malpec, Prince Edward Island. Towards 1801, he emigrated to Cascumpec, today known as Bloomfield. Cyprien's ten sons were known as the ten brothers of Cascumpec, P. E. I.

Cyprien died March 23, 1814 in Cascumpec, Prince County, l'ile du Prince Edouard.

Children of Cyprien Gallant and Marie are:

Cyprien Gallant was born on September 10, 1775. He was baptized on the Island of Miscou September 29, 1776 by Abbé Bourg. He married Charlotte Gallant in Rustico, Prince Edward Island, in 1820. Charlotte was the daughter of Joseph Gallant and Euphrsine Arsenault of Rustico. Cyprien was known as one of the ten brothers from Cascupec. He settled in Rustico. He was a navigator. He died from an attack that paralyzed him. They had seven children.

Prospère was born 1777. He married Angelique Arsenault, daughter of Fidile Arsenault of New Brunswick. Her mother was the sister of Pierre Bernard. They had sixteen children. When Angelique Arsenault died, Prospère married Angelique Petitpas, on January 7, 1841. They had five children.

Dominique married Marie Arsenault, the daughter of Louis Arsenault and Barbe Poirier. They had eleven children.

Urbain was born in 1782. He married Marie Gallant from Rustico. They had seven children. After his wife died, he married Marie Henri on October 17, 1833. They had five children. Urbain died in 1842.

Maxime married Anne Blanchard in 1828. Maxime was a pioneer to Edgmont Bay, P.E.I. They had eleven children.

Gervais married Barbe Poirier.

Paul married Angelique Arsenault, February 14, 1814 in Rustlco. They had eight children.

Jacques married Marie-Rose Poirier, February 6, 1817. They had eight children.

Laurent married Louise Poirier (1796-1830) in Rustico, July 30, 1815. They had seven children.

Firmin married Louise (Sophie) Blanchard in Rustico. She died.. He married Lisette Arsenault.

Marie married Louis Arsenault in Rustico, February 14, 1814.

Rose married Urbain Gallant.

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