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Kindly note that I am strictly an amateur genealogist and that information contained in this website was researched from various sources. I have made every diligent effort to verify that all information is correct.

However, should anyone wish to provide further information or relate corrections regarding the content of this website, your input is appreciated and welcomed and can be directed to

I welcome any further suggestions you might have for this website. Do you have a great Acadian recipe or perhaps an interesting Hache/Hache-Gallant/Gallant story or a photo that you'd like to share with others?

Please forward me anything along these lines that you might wish to submit. Whatever strikes your fancy.

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Credits & Thanks

  • Photographs provided by Mary (Gallant) Keefe, Mary McCarville, Lloyd & Janet Gallant, Eileen (Gallant) MacKenzie, Lorne & Teresa McCarville, Sr. Muriel Gallant and Linda Keefe-Trainor
  • Graphic Design by Linda Keefe-Trainor
  • Site research, writing & layout by Linda Keefe-Trainor
  • Compositional rewriting and editing by Frank Trainor
  • Family Tree information gathered from Father Patrice Gallant's book "Michel Hache-Gallant et ses descendants", The late John Gallant's Descendants of Michel Hache-Gallant file at the Island Register, McIver Family book by Ronald McIver (1985), Gallant Family Reunion book by Sr. Muriel Gallant (1993) and Mary Turcotte, granddaughter of Clara A. Gallant
  • Special thanks to genealogists Stephen A. White, Gaby Burke-Vienneau, Ron Nelson and Gordy McCarville
  • Paintings and Maps from Fort Lawrence/Beaubassin Heritage Association, Cape Breton Museums Network, Acadian-Cajun Genealogy & History website and the Island Register.


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