Florence Gallant
Daughter of John C. Gallant & Lena Shreenan

Florence Gallant
Florence Gallant
Circa 1930s



Florence Gallant was born in Newton, P.E.I. on January 28, 1922. She was the first of ten children born to John C. and Lena (Shreenan) Gallant.

Her grandparents were Frank and Fanny (McIver) Gallant.

Florence married Ernest Burnett in Toronto, Ontario. They had no children.

Florence died on November 22, 1991 in Toronto, Ontario.

Florence Gallant as a toddler.
Circa 1923


Florence Gallant - 1923


St. Clair, Florence and Raymond Gallant - 1925

Florence Gallant with her two brothers.

Florence is holding Raymond with St. Clair sitting on the left.

Circa 1925

Alban and Florence Gallant
Florence posing for a picture in the early 1940s on the Gallant family home in Kinkora, PEI.
Her brother, Alban is on the left.

Florence Gallant with soldiers and a nun

Florence Gallant and a nun pictured here during the war with soldiers from the Kinkora area.
L-R: , James McKenna, Gerald Keefe, Flo, Gerald Smith, Sister Helen, John Johnston
and Ray Shreenan. This picture was taken in Jack Green's yard in Toronto, Ontario.

Florence Gallant with friends, Joe and Helen
Florence Gallant picture here in Toronto, Ontario with a couple of friends, Joe and Helen.

Circa late 1940s.


John C. and Lena Gallant's ten children gathered in 1986
John C. and Lena Gallant's children in Aurora, Ontario on May 24, 1986.
L-R: Alban, Edna, Cyril, Mary, Lloyd, Florence, Raymond, Rose Marie, St. Clair and Eileen

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