Catherine Eileen Gallant
Daughter of John C. Gallant & Lena Shreenan

Eileen Gallant - 1st Communion
Eileen Gallant - 1st Communion
Circa 1930s



Catherine Eileen (Eileen) Gallant was born in Kinkora, P.E.I. on April 6, 1931. She was the sixth of ten children born to John C. and Lena (Shreenan) Gallant.

Her grandparents were Frank and Fanny (McIver) Gallant.

Eileen married Hugh MacKenzie in Kinkora, PEI on June 5, 1954. They had four children.


Eileen Gallant, parents and siblings - 1931
John C. and Lena Gallant's family in 1931. L-R: John C., Florence,
St. Clair, Raymond, Lena holding Eileen with Mary and Edna standing in front.

Eileen Gallant and Hugh MacKenzie
Eileen Gallant with Hugh MacKenzie in early 1950s.    

Hugh MacKenzie and Eileen Gallant's wedding in 1954. Eileen's sister, Flo can be seen on the right.
Hugh and Eileen's wedding in 1954

Eileen with sister-in-law Florence and children
Eileen MacKenzie with her first child, Anne. Seated on the right is Eileen's sister-in-law, Teresa with her new baby, Florence in 1954.
Eileen's parents, John C. and Lena Gallant pictured here at right with Eileen's children, Anne (standing in front) and Sharon
(being held by Lena). Circa 1959.
Eileen's parents with her two children


Sharon and Brian MacKenzie - 1961
Sharon MacKenzie holding her newborn brother, Brian in 1961.

Brian and Brenda MacKenzie
Brian and Brenda MacKenzie around 1966.

Eileen with her sister and sisters-in-law.
Standing L-R: Rosemarie, Rose and Eileen.
Seated in front L-R: Janet and Vi. - Circa 1960s.
Eileen MacKenzie and sisters
John C. and Lena Gallant's ten children gathered in 1986
John C. and Lena Gallant's children in Aurora, Ontario on May 24, 1986.
L-R: Alban, Edna, Cyril, Mary, Lloyd, Florence, Raymond, Rose Marie, St. Clair and Eileen

Eileen MacKenzie with her sister, Mary Keefe
in Middleton, PEI - August, 2000.

Mary Keefe and Edna Leard - Gallant sisters

Hugh and Eileen MacKenzie
Eileen MacKenzie with her husband of 50+ years, Hughie in Toronto, Ontario

Eileen MacKenzie, Rose Marie Gallant, Al Gallant and Mary Keefe
Eileen with her two sisters, Rose Marie and Mary and brother, Al - April, 2007.
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