Clara (Gallant) Daley Hunt
Daughter of Frank Gallant & Fanny McIver

Clara Gallant
Clara Gallant
Circa 1930


Clara Gallant was born in Newton, P.E.I. on September 25th, 1897.

Clara was the fifth of eight children of Frank Gallant and Frances McIver and the first one born in Newton after they moved there. Her grandparents were Napoleon Gallant and Catherine Clark.

Clara was a teacher like her mother, Fanny (McIver) Gallant. She received her teaching degree from the Prince of Wales College.

Clara moved down to Somerfield, Mass. USA and married Eugene Daley. Eugene died in 1946. They had no children.

Clara married Burton Hunt in Waltham, Maine. Burt died in 1967. They had no children.

Clara died in 1968.


Clara Gallant

Clara Gallant


Here are a couple of professional
photos of Clara Gallant.

Photo at left - Circa 1915.

Photo above - Circa 1920.

Clara Gallant
Clara Gallant with husband Eugene Daley

Above Clara poses on her steps -
Circa late 1930s.

At right Clara is pictured with her first
husband, Eugene Daley who died in 1946.
Clara is holding a picture of a service man
so this was probably taken during WWII
in the early 1940s.


Clara Gallant with husband Eugene Daley
Clara and her 1st husband, Eugene Daley

Circa early 1940s.
Clara with her brother and sisters

L-R: John C. Gallant, Sister Frances Marie (Faustina) Gallant, Mary Maud (Gallant) McCarville
and Clara (Gallant) Hunt in Maple Plains, PEI - 1956.



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