Alban Gallant
Son of John C. Gallant & Lena Shreenan

Al Gallant with some of his nieces
Al Gallant with a few of his nieces
Circa late 1960s




Alban (Al) Gallant was born in Kinkora, P.E.I. on February 18, 1933. He was the seventh of ten children born to John C. and Lena (Shreenan) Gallant.

His grandparents were Frank and Fanny (McIver) Gallant.


Alban as a young boy growing
up in Kinkora, PEI. Circa 1930s.

Al Gallant in Kinkora, PEI


Al Gallant with his sisters, Eileen and Mary and brother Cyril
Al with his younger brother, Cyril in the late 1930s. Al's sisters, Eileen and Mary
are standing behind. Al's uncle, Eugene Daley is behind the vehicle.

Al with his brother and sisters
Al Gallant - 1956
Al with his brother and sisters.
Eileen and Mary are in the back row.
Cyril and Al are in front. Circa early 1940s.
Al at the Gallant home in Kinkora, PEI in 1956

Al with Frances and Mary McCarville and George Murphy
Al Gallant in Toronto, Ontario in 1954 with his cousins -
Frances McCarville, Mary McCarville and George Murphy


John C. and Lena Gallant's ten children gathered in 1986
John C. and Lena Gallant's children in Aurora, Ontario on May 24, 1986.
L-R: Alban, Edna, Cyril, Mary, Lloyd, Florence, Raymond, Rose Marie, St. Clair and Eileen

Al Gallant with baby
Al Gallant with unidentified baby.
Eileen MacKenzie, Rose Marie Gallant, Al Gallant and Mary Keefe
Al Gallant with his three sisters, Eileen, Rose Marie and Mary - April, 2007.
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